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Based on 30 years of practical experience primarily in the Major Markets of Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles, Julie-Anne Liechty’s Technique stands on the shoulders of such theatre greats as Sanford Meisner, Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, and David Mamet. Emphasizing mastery of the Structure of Drama and Behavioral Dynamics (use of behavior to achieve objectives), the Liechty Technique, taught exclusively in ACTORS IN ACTION Classes, demystifies script analysis, giving it a practical focus and thusly, granting the actor vital clues into the world of the film/play and into the heart of the character.

Julie-Anne Liechty NYC 1995

Armed with this knowledge, an actor can make specific, playable choices that allows them to fully inhabit their role. It allows them to access their inner life and behave honestly in imaginary circumstances, which is what great acting is all about.

ACTORS IN ACTION is a “full process” class, meaning every aspect of the technique is taught in each class including: a physical and vocal warm up, Emotional Muscle Development (based on Meisner’s Emotional Preparation), Meisner’s Repetition Exercise, Behavioral Dynamics (verb playing), a “One-Line Audition” cold read/audition practicum, script analysis, and scene performance. Each student receives weekly videos of their work for personal review and professional study.


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What People Are Saying About AIA Testimonials

  • "Julie-Anne Liechty's training and experience makes her very effective at booking work. Her auditions are always solid and well prepared. I’m happy to recommend her classes to everyone who wants to strengthen their technique." — Jeff Johnson, Jeff Johnson Casting

    Jeff Johnson
  • "Julie-Anne Liechty not only teaches . . . but she trains actors to do their best work. All actors should take advantage of ACTORS IN ACTION Professional Training for the Actor.” — Vickie Panek, Talent Management Group

    Vickie Panek
  • "Julie-Anne is a passionate and skilled acting coach. Her years of experience and strong foundational training make her a great resource for actors in our community. We're lucky to have her here!" — Christy Summerhays, Actor, Director, Meisner Teacher

    Christy Summerhays
  • "This class instills discipline in the actor.  It teaches the actor how to prepare for an audition with purpose; no more guess work, no more blindly feeling your way through the audition. This approach has deepened and colored my work so swiftly." — Tiffani DiGregorio, Actor

    Tiffani DeGregario
  • "This class is different from others I’ve attended. I’m not merely told to ‘connect more’ or ‘be in the moment’, etc., and left to figure it out on my own. In here I’m taught HOW to do it. I’m given technique." — Joey Cannella, Actor

    Joey Cannella
  • "I would enthusiastically recommend ACTORS IN ACTION to any friend of mine looking to learn and grow as an actor. Julie-Anne equips her students with a stellar set of tools for the audition room and beyond.  Since enrolling in her class, I have managed to book work consistently and had the confidence to make the move to LA.
    AIA all the way!" — Amy Arburn, Actor

    Amy Arburn



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