UVU Intro Class

The How of Acting
Come see what ACTORS IN ACTION is all about!


Monday 6:30pm-8pm
12 Feb 2018
Classroom Building 101A
Utah Valley University Orem Campus

Learn why the acting techniques taught in ACTORS IN ACTION can take your career to the next level!
Learn how to deepen your emotional connection to your work.
Learn what the one thing is that you CAN control about your acting, and how to master its use.
Learn the reason ACTORS IN ACTION is the fastest growing acting school around, having trained over several hundred people to many, many bookings since its inception two years ago.

 You can bring a prepared monologue, audition sides or a scene with a partner and get one-on-one attention and acting coaching from
instructor Julie-Anne Liechty, the creator of ACTORS IN ACTION.

Or just come to listen and observe.

Don’t miss this opportunity to educate yourself about your art and hone your booking skills.

 Looking forward to seeing you there!